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Quick Tips for End of Lease Cleaning | Good Bond Cleaning

Quick Tips for End of Lease Cleaning | Good Bond Cleaning

There is no doubt that end-of-lease cleansing means ensuring to get your bond money back, and also leads to a future healthy connection between the tenant & homeowner. When you rent a property for residential purposes, you expect it in a clean, well-organized & maintained condition, similarly, your property manager or landlord also expects that you maintain the property during the leasing season, but also return it in the pristine state by the end of the tenancy. Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to impress your landlord with the current state of a rental property therefore, follow these quick tips for end-of-lease cleaning by Good Bond Cleaning.

Your DIY Guide To End Of Lease Cleaning - bond cleaningin melbourne


         ·        Prepare a Move-out Cleaning Checklist


First of all, ensure that you have prepared a proper move-out cleaning checklist, have a systematic process, and clean from top to bottom, back to front & left to right. 


  • Contact Good Bond Cleaning for Affordable Assistance


Take the affordable cleaning assistance from Good Bond Cleaning to a hassle-free exit from your lease within a proper timeframe. If you are time-poor or would prefer to have a professional step-in then it is ideal to contact Best Exit Cleaning in Brisbane that the majority of tenants follow who can expedite the task & choose to make their end-of-lease cleaning less chaotic.


  • Make a Proper Cleaning Regime


Apart from hiring a cleaning company, it is your responsibility to return the rental premises in a pristine condition to obtain the deposited money back from the landlords or real estate agents. For this, follow a proper cleaning regime that includes dusting, sweeping, thoroughly cleaning the exterior surface, mob the lawn, tidying the garden, sweeping the patio/deck, removing cobwebs from walls, emptying or washing the bins, removing the dust from fans, clean the bathroom, living area & other triggered areas.


  • Carpets Require More Attention


Carpets are not included in the above list, they are susceptible to all manner of dirt & require a lot of work & effort to get carpets clean. To begin cleaning your carpet, ensure you have all the necessary tools such as a vacuum, a rug, a dust beater, mild dish soap, a sponge & a bristled brush. However, most people have a love-hate relationship with carpet cleaning therefore, to give new-life to your carpet, consider vacuuming your carpets or beating the dust off twice a year or take professional help from reliable Best Exit Cleaning in Brisbane. 


Get Quality Cleaning by Trained & Verified Cleaners


Good Bond Cleaning is known to ensure their client’s bond money back through their professional cleaning. Our quick & flexible bookings help you to avoid getting into any hassles & have a relaxed relocation experience for the first or whenever you need our services.


At Best Exit Cleaning in Nundah, we hold expertise in cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting different areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, living area, or garden, all at an affordable price.


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